Modular Cabins & Offshore construction

Special Modules Modular Construction

SIM offers a wide range of special modules:

  • Mobile Clinics
  • Hangars
  • Heavy duty shelters
  • Telecommunication shelters/cabins
  • Radiation proof modules
  • Blast proof modules
  • Industrial heavy duty doors
  • Gas station construction and panels
  • Charging ramps


Technical data sheets are provided under demand.

A technical manual is offered at the end of each work with the modules with warranty, certified drawings and test under International Bureau (VERTITAS, etc.)

Our modules can be totally energy independent with our solar option


Modular Construction

Offshore Accomodation And living quarters Modules

Onshore Accomodation And living quarters Modules
Special Modules and modular construction
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Modular Construction & Offshore Cabins