Modular Cabins & Offshore construction

Offshore Living Quarters Modular modules

Among the modules and construction within the offshore building department, we have the followings:

  • Work place Modules
  • Living quarters
  • Freezer / chiller modules
  • MCC and battery rooms
  • IT Rooms


Our offshore constructions has proving its high quality for almost 25 years and our first client since then is still one of our best customers.

We provide all range of modules equipped with the necessary and required equipments starting from furniture, HVAC, Computing, lightening, etc.
All our offshore construction is fireproof and sound proof (75Db), we know what’s working offshore, we try our best to make the living in our modules as comfortable as possible.

Our modules are inter-changeable, extensible and can be linked easily for better use and better fitting with the space available
We offer as well VIP option which offers top comfort and agronomical selection.

We have also several standards dimensions (finished):
        L: 3m, 6m, 9m and 12m
        l: 3m
       W: 3m
       H: 3m
Possible customized dimensions.
Our modules can be totally energy independent with our solar option

For any further details or information don’t hesitate to contact us.
Technical data sheets are provided under demand.
A technical manual is offered at the end of each work with the modules with warranty, certified drawings and test under International Bureau (VERTITAS, etc.)

Modular Construction

Offshore Accomodation And living quarters Modules

Onshore Accomodation And living quarters Modules
Special Modules and modular construction
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Modular Construction & Offshore Cabins